Nightlife in Shanghai

Nightlife in Shanghai
Nightlife in Shanghai

Shanghai’s night life deserves no introduction anymore… (But now is one anyway…) The city is very fast-paced, packed with expats and locals, and urban dwellers who love the night life, socializing and dancing. And this is where you will find the city of Shanghai.

Shanghai is a big city that offers you plenty of night life options. You can choose to stay in a luxury hotel or budget accommodation, either way it will all be good. There are many different areas to explore in Shanghai. The following are the places I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience the night life of Shanghai:

-Dancing at the nightclubs: The area known as Yuyuan Li is one of the largest areas of nightclubs in Shanghai. This is an area where you can spend the whole night and feel like a local. I have also heard many people saying that this is one of the best places to go for a first date.

– Night clubs: There are literally thousands of night clubs in Shanghai. The most popular of which is the Yubin Nightclub. You can go there early in the morning and have a drink before you set off for work, or after work. This is probably one of the most important places in Shanghai to visit, as you will get the chance to enjoy a drink and take in the view of the city during the day, without having to worry about paying a lot of money.

– Bars: Another thing to do in Shanghai is to visit the many bars. The one thing you will notice in the bars here is that they do serve alcohol! But it is very rare to see customers drinking alcohol inside these bars, as they are usually separated from the public by a large bar or room.

– Bars and restaurants: There are tons of night clubs and restaurants in Shanghai. You can choose to go to one of them during your time here. Some of the most popular ones include Yinyang Night Club, which is near the Bund in Xujiahui District, or Tongguan Night Club in Fuchu District, and the Shangri-La Night Club in Jing’an Road.

-Shanfu Lu: This area is also known as the “Pink District” and is packed with all kinds of places to go out. There are many nightclubs in this area, and many restaurants. There are also a lot of Chinese restaurants here. This is also one of the most expensive areas of Shanghai, so you will find many expats living here, which is one of the best reasons why it is a popular area for tourists.

I hope that I was able to share some great experiences with you and gave you some ideas on what to do when you are in Shanghai! Enjoy your stay!